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Our Signature Heart GuaSha Massage Tools are hand crafted from 100% YUGI - Korean Bronze: (Cu)78 : (Sn) 22 . Due to natural formations in the metals and hand craftmanship, each tool will be unique and the color will vary slightly from the picture shown. Minute natural polish and air marks may be present.


Size:  3 in  x 3 in x .2 in (+/-  .1~.2 in)

Area of Use: Face, Neck, Arm, Leg - for Lifting/ Lymph Drainage/ Acupressure/ Acupoint Massages and More

Weight: approx. 145g ( up to +/- 10g)


All YUGI Metal GuaSha products may emit a metal-like odor due to the natural material [Korean Bronze: (Cu)78 : (Sn) 22] present in the products.



[ Why YUGI Metal? ]


1.Copper alloy surfaces kill bacteria and reduce hospital-acquired infections.


Michels HT, Keevil CW, Salgado CD, Schmidt MG. From laboratory research to a clinical trial: copper alloy surfaces kill bacteria and reduce hospital-acquired infections. HERD: Health Environments Research & Design Journal. 2015;9(1):64–79. 10.1177/1937586715592650.


2. Durability - You will be able to get extended use out of the GuaSha tool if you follow the YUGI Metal Care Methods as long as you do not physically damage the tool.


[ACUTHECARY] YUGI Metal Heart GuaSha Massage Tool

$120.00 Regular Price
$95.00Sale Price
  • GuaSha massager can help improve

    • Reduces puffiness and dark circles. 
    • Increases blood flow, circulation and detoxification. 
    • Release knots in the fascia and chronic tension of muscles. 
    • Stimulate collagen production - Lifts and sculpts.


    Selfcare GuaSha Methods

    • Apply oil or cream on clean skin before starting GuaSha.
    • The angle between the GuaSha plate and the skin contact surface should be about 45 degrees.
    • When scraping, do not scrape at once, but gradually apply force  and gently scrape in one direction in a semicircular motion from the inside to the outside.
    • Drink a cup of warm water after GuaSha
    • It is recommended that the next massage should be performed 12 hours after the previous session.


    GuaSha Contraindications

    • Do not apply GuaSha to wounds, surgical scars, or areas that protrude from the skin.
    • Patients in recovery post surgery and pregnant women should never perform GuaSha on the abdomen.
    • It is best to take GuaSha 1-2 hours after a meal. Do not perform GuaSha massage when you are too full, hungry, tired, or after drinking alcohol.
    • Excessive GuaSha may have harmful effects, so do not apply too much GuaSha at once nor press too hard to avoid bruising.
    • You should perform GuaSha in a warm place - avoid direct exposure to cold AC air or fan.
    • You can take a hot shower about 4 hours after GuaSha, but never take a cold shower after GuaSha.


    Body changes after using GuaSha

    • If there is a lot of oxide in the body, body parts treated with GuaSha turns magenta or black
    • The color change is not caused by the friction from GuaSha. The magenta or black spots will disappear after about a week, and you will need to apply GuaSha after the discoloring disappears. Each subsequent session will shorten the recovery time from discoloration.
    • After GuaSha, drink plenty of warm water to discharge waste products from the body.


    YUGI Metal Care Methods

    • When using for the first time, soak it in a mixture of 30 parts lukewarm water and one part vinegar for about an hour to change the color of Yugi to a soft golden color. This process helps to tame the YUGI metal quickly and reduce water stains, etc.
    • In the early stages of using YUGI, completely dry the water with a dry towel after washing (wash with warm and soapy water) to avoid stains. The YUGI color takes on a dark golden color after 2-3 months, and from then on, it becomes stronger against stains.  Even after the YUGI is tamed, wiping off and washing immediately after use will help in maintaining a stainless appearance. 
    • Please Don't use a scouring rough sponge to clean the GuaSha, it can cuase damage to the surface.


    [Enjoy the benefits of this beautiful YUGI GuaSha massage tool and fall in love with selfcare]




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